Saturday, October 8, 2016

review - Fleming's Steakhouse in Pasadena

179 E Colorado Blvd
officially opened Monday October 10
The bar 

From our table in the dining room, you can see the opening to the kitchen

Our affable table mates and waitress

I highly recommend the new Fleming's in Pasadena for its delicious aged prime beef and fine service. The media party on Friday October 7 was a great treat, and the entire staff outdid themselves. For the first hour, we visited the bar, where jazz musicians were playing beautifully to put us in just the right mood. There were offerings of giant shrimp and cracked crab on ice, and waiters circulated with crab cakes, bacon slabs and little bruschetta-like pizzas. There was champagne, wine and a special bar for sangria. After introductions to the staff of the new restaurant, we had a wine tasting in a small adjacent room of the 100 incredible varieties of Fleming's special collection. I chose the Round Pond Cabernet Sauvignon, always a delicious favorite.

Located on East Colorado at Marengo, Fleming's means elegant dining. Its ultra modern design, spacious dining room with tables and booths, a full bar in front and kitchen partially visible from the dining room, all add up to providing the comfortable surroundings one expects in a top-notch restaurant. 

A steak lover, I was excited to order the Prime New York strip steak, another favorite and famous for its juiciness. When you ask for a steak, cooked medium-rare, it sometimes arrives overdone, with you querying, "Where's the pink?" Not so at Fleming's! It met my total satisfaction. We shared family style the a la carte potatoes and vegetables: delicious Fleming's potatoes, similar to scalloped, chipotle macaroni & cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and crispy Brussels Sprouts. Before the entree, we were served a delicious housemade artisan bread with infused spreads, followed by a choice of salad, either The New Wedge with grape tomatoes, pickled onions, slab bacon and blue cheese dressing - absolutely scrumptious! - or Fleming's salad with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, tomatoes, onions and herbed crostini.  

That night, as far as steak was concerned, we had a choice of bone-in filet mignon, Prime dry aged ribeye, Prime dry aged New York strip, or the Prime New York strip that I chose. The dry aged steaks, I was told, are known for their robust flavor, whereas the non-dry aged are more juicy. For non-red meat diners, Fleming’s also offered us a lovely chicken breast, Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass and for the true vegetarian, a Roasted Stuffed Red Pepper with braised mushroom medley was suggested. On the regular menu, there are selections of pork, ribs, and chops and select, fresh seafood, such as barbecued Scottish salmon fillet, shrimp scampi, Alaskan king crab legs and North Atlantic lobster tails. Something to suit and satisfy every pallet! And, the extensive award-winning wine list featuring Fleming’s 100 wines, served by the glass, add just the right accompaniment to steak or seafood.

For dessert, there was a choice of a lovely Crème Brulee, carrot cake, or walnut turtle pie. I chose the crème brulee, which, yes, is sweet, but I must admit, the sweeter the dessert, the happier my taste buds. On the regular menu nothing beats Fleming's renowned Chocolate Lava Cake. It's a sinful concoction with luscious, warm chocolate filling, that literally spills out when you cut into the cake. It is served with ice cream, real whipped cream and cookies over chopped pistachios. It is difficult to stay on your diet when you eat at Fleming's. The rich food is simply divine, so plan a fast before and after you eat there, but, please, do not miss the foods I have mentioned, or their wonderful prime rib, a specialty. 

Treat yourself to an elegant dinner at Fleming's. It is guaranteed to please on any occasion. And this latest addition to the chain in Pasadena has a truly inviting atmosphere and staff. I'll be back!